sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

Some of the things I liked in 2011...

Some of the things I liked/ enjoyed in 2011 ( coudn't make a complete list, but here's some of them);

• "We want Miles" exposition at Sesc Pinheiros, SP.
• "Midnight in Paris" by Woody Allen
• "Dos Cielos", restarant. Barcelona
Toscana... the landscapes, people, wine, food, life.
• "The rest is noise" e "Listen to this" by Alex Ross
• The burgers in Savannah, GA. Just delicious
(I can't remember the place's call, thought).
• The Bravo Elite, by Bob Benedetto & Benedetto Guitars
Pastéis de Belem. Belem, Lisbon, if possible with a good coffee.
• "Campo Belo" by Anthony Wilson
'Nou" restaurant, SP. Great food and vibe.
• The great and kind people in Bern and Basel ( Switzerland).
• the vibrant people and great trappist beers in Belgium.
• 'Modernidade Líquida' by Zigmunt Bauman
San Francisco and San Diego's people and vibe, love it.
• New York's Third Rail Coffee place.

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