quarta-feira, 10 de junho de 2009

São Paulo 24 hs

Paris Jazz Big Band - Paris 24 hs
John Taylor, Steve Swallow & Gabriele Mirabassi - New Old Age
The terminal Soundtrack - John Williams
Toninho Horta - Moonstone
Larry Goldings - Whatever it takes
Konstantin Scherbakov - Shostakovich: Piano Sonata No. 1 - 24 Preludes, Op. 34
Nelson freire - Nelson Freire Interpreta Villa Lobos
Simon and Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park
Here's some of the stuff I've been checking out lately.
The Paris Big Band has such an incredible and tight horn section plus some beautiful arrangments/ compositions... is absolutely worth to listen to this guys!
I met Gabrielle Mirabassi two years ago, at this Jazz project we played in São Paulo... we became friends at that time and he gave me an album... such a lirical album. The trio sounds great with no drums.
John Williams is like one of those "you-must-listen-to" composers of our days... an amazing musical mind. This particular score "The Terminal" brings a Jazz flavor within ( it has to do with the history) that I enjoyed so much.
Back in 98', while living in Boston, I was checking out some cds at this store, and suddenly they start playing an album with a guitar player that knocked me out! I asked to the guy "who's playing??" It was Peter Bernstein, and the album was Whatever it takes, by Larry Goldings.
Shostakovich is one of the greats from Russia ( St. Petersburg)...I love this album. Another combination that can't go wrong: Nelson Freire and Villa Lobos.
Moonstone is one of my favorite albuns by Horta. The title track's version, with two guitars, him and Metheny, it's a classic. Paul Simon is a terrific songwriter... this album has all those classics and more, a Landmark. There's also a DVD with that Central Park Concert, wonderful... enjoy!

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rogerio santos disse...


Eu ainda tenho e ouço em "Bolacha"

Viajo nos vocais do Boca Livre em "Spirit Land"

Abração, Chico !